OptinChat – The Best Email Marketing Tool


Presenting OptinChat, A Unique chat style email Optin conversion software proven to give Highest Optin Rate in the entire industry.


How OptinChat can improve your Business

  1. User-Friendly, people love through to interact with its interface.
  2. Real Time Chat interface and Interaction.
  3. High-speed Delivery of Content from a dedicated CDN
  4. It Collects visitors, E-mails, Phone Numbers in an interactive way.
  5. Mobile enabled, works on Mobiles too.

The Benefits from Current Offer

  1. Onetime Payment AND YOUR OPTINCHAT is yours for ever, this offer is for limited days.
  2. Life time Updates and Support.
  3. Best Email collector app at online space.
  4. Up to 30% conversion rate.
  5. Hurry! After limited days, it will be available on Monthly Subscription only.

To learn more about its performance and benefits read the following review http://digitaldeepak.com/optinchat-review/

Learn More about its Feature and Benefits 

  1. Already tried & tested app with rigorous testing done by 7000+ beta users
  2. Proven to give Highest Optin Rate in the entire industry
  3. Completely Non Intrusive Platform



What Optinchat delivered to its current users

  1. One Beta User Generated 16,438 emails within 90 days from his Website at 22.3% overall conversion & 64.77% inside funnel conversion (video case study in sales page)
  2. 2nd Beta user-generated 10,216 emails inside 90 days from his website at 17.7% overall conversion & 53% inside funnel conversion (video case study in sales page)
  3. Product was already running on SAAS based subscription model and will go back again to that model after launch
  4. Direct Zapier integration
  5. Seamless all Autoresponders Integration
  6. USP – Builds trust first by doing human like interaction with the users
  7. Literally, talks with your Visitors into Giving you their Email Address
  8. Thanks to Campaign Monitor we know that: “Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%” This means that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get a hefty $38 dollars back in your pocket
  9. The DMA National Client Email Report proves that: one in five companies report an ROI of over 70:1 with Email Marketing’
  10. For every 9 Visitors sent to your Page, you will generate 3 Emails. That’s an Extra ROI of 3*$38 = $114 (with the same amount of traffic/ per 9 visitors)
  11. Would you give you your email address to a boring intrusive Pop Up or a real Human talking to you?
  12. OptinChat gives you an average conversion rate of 14 – 22.5%
  13. OptinChat interacts and engages with visitors personally – in real-time – just like a real person
  14. Works in 3 Easy Steps:
    1.) Build Your Questions
    2.) Install The Code On ANY Of Your Websites
    3.) Start Turning Visitors Into Subscribers Quicker And Easier Than Ever Before
  15. Why OptinChat is special and gets you results every time?.

Visitors Have Positive Associations With Chat Modules… They associate them with something positive.They feel like they are going to get something from it. They are less resistant to opening it.

 Grow your List at 3x Speed

Your List Building Problem [Solved]

3x More Profits from Same Traffic

Growing one’s list consistently is the Biggest Challenge.

After vigorous testing by 7000+ Beta users, we can say that there is a solution to this problem.

The Software literally Talks Your Visitors Into Handing Over Their Emails…

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With OptinChat you can:

[+] Have Unlimited OptinChat Campaigns for Unlimited Websites

[+] Do A/B Testing

[+] Do Email Validation

[+] Do Phone Number Validation

[+] Have a Custom Brand Logo

[+] Get Daily Email Reports

[+] Advanced Webhooks and Zapier Integration

[+] All Autoresponders Integration

[+] Export Leads to CSV

This is quite a power packed house.

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The version Available for OPTINCHAT software – CHOOSE ACCORDING to YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS 
















If you want to create a business/blog/e-commerce store online, you need a domain name, it is the identity and a representative of your enterprise/blog. i.e. www.mywebsite.com or http://mybusiness.com.or https://www.yourbusiness.com.

People/customer/audience identify and connect and communicate to your online business/blog through this domain it must be purchased from a reliable, trustworthy domain registrar.


How to choose a good domain name for your business/blog?

It is said by experts of web world that domain name must not be more than 2 words most probably because one word is rare and only premium domains are available with a single word.

Next option is two words, most of them already have taken but you can get your desired if it has not taken, and one more thing to remember that the domain name must not be more than 10 to 12 characters, you can learn more about it here

There are so many domain registrars available in the field of domain sellers like namecheap.com, name.com., dynadot.com and godaddy.com 


It is suggested to all the domain and hosting purchasers that they do not purchase hosting and domain from the same vendor.

Because they are the totally different field of expertise, it has seen that the domain registrars are specific and have authority for domain registering, selling and transferring, they are best in doing that. 

And it is equally true for the hosting providers, they are the specialist in their own field, they are equipped with everything to serve you best in hosting solutions. 

So it is advised to all the friends that you should not purchase the domain and hosting services from the same vendor.

As an example, f you buy a domain from godaddy.com,  or namecheap.com then you must not purchase hosting from them, go to Hostgator or Siteground or visualcloudx for hosting because they are the expert in hosting services. 

I am running my 3 websites and many of my client, but I never purchased a domain and hosting from the same vendor.

It is the best way to get the best of both worlds because none of the vendors in these two services are as efficient as they are in their authority area. 

I have purchased the domain from Godaddy and Name.com and hosting from visualcloudx.com and I am very happy with both. 

So remember these things in mind before purchasing these services from the mentioned vendors they are best in their field. 

Why you need a website?

Why you need a website?

Are you a start-up or existing business? Do you have a great website? How do you connect to your audience, clients, customers in this digital age?

Check what kind of website you need? Do you want to open an online store for e-commerce? Do you want to open the online version of your current business? Do you want to showcase your portfolio as working professional?

Do want to create a blog for your skills, creativity or hobby? Do you want to enable your customers to order and pay online? 

Do you need a website for your organization to connect to the world? You cannot grow and expand without an online presence, and websites are your own playground, you can do whatever you want.

It gives you total freedom to structure, create, showcase all the elements and actions of your work, organizations, business or blog.

It enables you to connect and cater your target audience, people, customers in most brilliant, sophisticated and convenient way.

The people of the world are moving towards online transactions, interactions, and activities.

To grow and expand in this digital and technology dominated environment, you need an attractive, faster and resourceful website to interact, transact and communicate to your audience/customers/clients/business partners.

Web sites are must in this digital age, for any organization, business or creative professional. it is the door to connect to the world, to showcase your talent, creativity, products or services.

It is perfect communication system to interact, to announce your new program, policies, and events.

It is the door to connect to the world, to showcase your talent, creativity, products or services,  to interact, to announce your new program, policies, and events. 

It is a dynamic tool to invite all your stakeholders, partners, customers in your business environment.

It helps you to participate in online communities, forums, discussions, debates and share your ideas, views with the world and the audience there. 

Web sites are most beneficial and influential way to reach and connect our audience, clients, and customers. 

Websites are the face and representation of our business/organizations / institutes, we must have attractive, responsive and faster websites to interact and communicate with our audiences, customers/clients and to the world.

They are the gateway for the people, who wants to know about us and to make connections and dealings with us.

We are committed to bringing you the best in quality and performance at the very reasonable price.

We help you to create strong and effective online presence to say about your brand/service/products to your existing and potential audience.

Send your requirement and get a detailed proposal for your business site, inform us what do you want to do with your website.

What functions do you want to perform with it, or how you want to make your presence online to your existing and potential customers/clients/audience.

for more information on why websites are necessary tools of productivity and growth for you,  read following links –




Business & Technology

Business & Technology

In today’s business environment technology playing the most important role. We cannot imagine the presence of global organizations, products, and services to our end without it. It is all possible through the seamless integration of technology and business processes. It enabled businesses and service providers to deliver products and services everywhere around the globe timely, economically and efficiently.

And the web-based systems and communication technologies played the major role to create this reality we are enjoying today. Every Big or Small Business needs to make its presence online, to create visibility among its competitors and existing and potential customers. In last two decades, we have seen rise and expansion of online businesses. They created never seen before growth and development in very short span of time.

We have seen the advent of amazon.in, flipcart.com, snapdeal.com, eBay.in, facebook.com, google.com, and hundreds and thousands of online business sites, commercial and non-commercial organizations online. This has radically changed the scene of business operated before and in current times.

The growth and spread of these businesses are phenomenal, they have created opportunity and employment for thousands of people and other small businesses, small and large-scale manufacturers.

The world-wide web and other internet technologies have given all the entrepreneurs and business entities power to spread their wings and to capture a large chunk of business in their respective domestic and International markets and to serve better to their existing and potential customers.

It’s also opened a new horizon of infinite growth and expansion in form of web-based online business model. Today everyone is making personal or business transaction for their needs online, it may be payments of bills or merchandises and receipts of earnings, commissions etc.

We cannot think of our world without the internet and web-based product and services in every walk of our life. And it is increasing day by day, its inherent need of
today’s business environment and according to customer’s buying practices.

So, it is a must for every commercial or non-commercial enterprise or organizations to make their presence online to interact with all their existing and potential customers/clients/audience.

All the Existing and New businesses/organizations need it, to make their online presence as early as possible to reap out the unlimited benefit of growing online users community and need for expansions and connectivity with all concerned to them.

To get this we need to go online, through our blog/websites we can present our product/services/offers/communications to all our existing and potential buyers/members/customers/business partners/suppliers and all other people/organizations / Government and Non-Government Agencies, Domestic and International as well.

The future of most of the Business and Commerce relies upon the sound online presence and effective communication with all the critical components of your business environment.

So check this out that what you are doing to make your presence online, it doesn’t matter what business you are, what goods or services you are dealings in. You need to build your audience, to interact with your existing and potential customers, to give offers and support, to say about your new growth and expansions plans and programs.

If you already have an online presence, check,  does it working fine and according to your need to grow and expand? Does it serve you and your clients/customers/audiences purpose to interact and communicate with each other?


Does it help to grow your customer base? Does it help to make more profit and market penetration? Does it helping you to go ahead your competitors? Does it helping you do well and building good customer satisfaction and repeat business transactions with all your existing and new customers?

Does your site/blog be capable of giving online transactions for your customers/buyers/clients? Does your blog meet expectations of your customers? is it responsive and mobile friendly?

Ask these questions and check and make the right decision, at right time, in right directions to sustain and enhance growth and presence of your business/organization/community/product and services online.

People who are not understanding and upgrading themselves towards going and growing online never get benefited by the tremendously powerful scope of making an online presence and reaping out all the benefit of technology and communication systems delivering to the established and growing business.

We are here to help you in this regard, to set up and grow online through our excellent and affordable products and services. Contact us to know more about our Services and Solutions.