How can I be a good blogger?

One of the readers of my blog and on Quora asked me this question. 

Blogging is a creative activity and it needs a lot of good writing, marketing of your quality content and understanding your audience. You need writing to fulfill their expectations and solving their problems and answering their queries. 

It is a long-term activity, do not expect a huge response without having good and quality content on your blog, which is required for getting visits by the readers of any blog.

Even good and quality content do not give you more visits if you are capable to market your blog and its content to the suitable audience.

I have started blogging two years ago, in May 2016, I have only 58 posts on my blog, my blog has received an honor of Top 100 Holistic Living Blog award on the planet.

How can I be a good blogger?

But still do not have a huge number of visitors on my blog, in spite of I have very good articles, appreciated by everyone who read them.

I am not too regular to update and write a post, and I did not make any strong efforts to market my blog posts and blog.

So my dear friend, do not feel upset, do your work regularly, focus on creating quality and useful content as per the expectation of readers in your niche, and do good marketing to make people aware of your blog and content published there.

Read other popular blogs in your niche, search on google what people like and search in your niche, what are the most read content, what people problem point in your niche area, what people want to read, learn or asking for solutions in that particular area of activity/life/business.

If you are capable to deliver that, you will get more and more readers, there are a lot of factors involved to grow the readership of your blog.

Read and learn what successful bloggers applying and adapting to increase their reach, building their audience and making their blogs most popular.

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