Which is the best E-commerce platform?

A lot of people asking me regarding this often. Which is the best E-commerce platform, to start a business online, or extend their existing offline business to with an online one?

There are so many free and paid platforms available to run your business or establish an online store, they all have different characteristics, functions, and ability to scale and serve your purpose with less technical skills or totally dedicated technical team of developers and technical staff. 

They vary in pricing, facility, ease and functions and security and durability they deliver to run your business online. 

Some of the most popular are here as follows – 

  • Woocommerce –  It is a free platform based on WordPress, you can create a great professional e-commerce store using WordPress platform equipped with the woocommerce store.

Which is the best E-commerce platform?

it is a free e-commerce plugin provides you the great functionality and performance with very little cost. There are so many free and paid extensions, tools and integrations available to increase productivity, functionality, and facilities on woocommerce based stores.

I have built a couple of woocommerce stores for my small and mid-sized business clients, like aadhyafoods.in a leading natural and healthy foods manufacturer in Raipur (C.G.) and Compute & Compile one of the most reputed IT Brands distributor and reseller at Raipur (C.G.) they are running their offline and online stores successfully. 

Another exclusive organic food store at Raipur and Bhilai TheNeedorganicstore project is under construction and many more under pipeline now. 

It is simple to create, run and maintain a woocommerce based online store, anyone who wants to make an online store for his/her business to sell their products/services ONLINE.

You can make it on your own if you are equipped with the technical knowledge of web designing on WordPress platform or you can hire professionals like us to create one for you, tell us your need our offers 

The best part of the woocommerce platform that you need to spend one time on the development of your e-commerce store on it and you just need to maintain it, frequently, you can do it on your own or you can hire someone like us for fixed annual maintenance charges. 

You need to make expense on other online services you use to run your e-commerce store as domain and hosting and other marketing and ad expenses. 

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Which is the best E-commerce platform?

  • Shopify – It is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms among small and mid-sized businesses. It is subscription based online store you need to buy a domain for your e-store, you need to pay monthly or annually subscription. The subscription starts from $29 per month for the basic plan

You need to pay monthly or annually, for running your site with Shopify. You need to pay other charges for payment processing and shipping as per your service requirements. Shopify provides hosting of your site on their own servers, you need to pay for the renewal of domain for your site.

One thing about the Shopify platform, your site will be removed if you do not pay for a subscription of your site to Shopify, all the data and products will be wiped out with your nonrenewal of the subscription in stipulated time. 

There are a lot of paid services available to get more facilities and functions to your Shopify website. You need to pay for most of the services you include and opt for your website. 

Shopify is a good platform for people who do not want to own a physical store, it is most popular among dropshipping online stores. 

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Which is the best E-commerce platform?

  • Magento  It is one of the most robust, effective and most stable solutions for Mid and big size enterprises, industries and large-scale businesses who serve to a wide range of products to the large national and international customers. 

Magento has the most scalable solutions for every kind of business, B2C, B2B, industries, retail etc. and it is the most expensive one also. 

To make an e-commerce store with Magento you need to hire a Magento Developer to develop, maintain and run your Magento based e-commerce store,

It is expensive and most trusted e-commerce platform for Business of all kinds and all sizes. It is great for industries and large-scale online store in fields of Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Automotive.

Magento is definitely not for small and mid-sized businesses who do not afford operating and running cost of Magento based online store, because it cannot be made, run and maintained without the support of Magento developers.

If you want to create an online store on Magento e-commerce platform you need to hire a dedicated technical staff to take care your sites technical issues and it costs enough as per the functions, business volume and size of your e-commerce store. 

Learn more about the Magento e-commerce platform from here

There are more other e-commerce platforms available to create your online store, they all are paid platforms and some of them seems and boast as free.

Reality is that nothing is free, and they have limited functionality and you need to change them after sometimes because they do not provide much functionality and limited resources available to support your business.

Final Words

Different business has different needs it depends upon the type of business, business volume, number of products and categories, security and stability requirement, budget, and capability to handle technical and complicated tasks concerned with any e-commerce store. 

If your e-commerce store has hundreds of products and targeted to serve a larger audience and have multiple complex product categories and functions.

And you are capable to hire developers and technical services to run, operate and maintain your e-commerce store, it is good to have Magento for your e-commerce store.

If you want to own an e-commerce store, which is simple and you don’t want to expense much on developing and running your e-commerce store Woocommerce based WordPress site is the best option.

Shopify is a trusted and widely installed e-commerce platform globally. But its running cost is increasing as your business grows and most of the services you need to run your Shopify store are paid services. 

So before choosing any platform check what is your requirement, budget and how much you are capable to manage and maintain your e-commerce store on your own or you need a dedicated developer and technical support to manage and maintain all the things running on it. 

If you are interested to create an e-commerce store on woocommerce and Shopify e-commerce platform tell us your requirement we will create a high-quality error-free attractive and responsive e-commerce store on these platforms. 

We assure you for our uncompromised support and delivery of most affordable and quality services. Send us your requirement here

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